We have resumed in-person Sunday services in-doors at 10:30 am.

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Face masks are required and if you feel sick or have a cough please stay home.


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Midweek Bible Study

Journey Through the Bible

 Journey Through the Bible

Journey Through the Bible is a thoughtful and easy way to take you deeper into studying God’s Word.. Each week we will focus on one or multiple books of the Bible and center it on the main theme or topics in an outline, explanation and will expand on the book  to help you focus and move in your study throughout the year.

A video will be posted each Wednesday with a PDF attached to help fill in and study the scripture. Pastor Jon encourages you to print the PDF ahead of watching the video and to follow along in your own Bible and take notes as needed. 

By the time you reach the end of the year, you will be amazed! God’s Word will transform you from the inside out—enjoy!



2/3/2021   Lesson 1- Click Here                   Lesson 1 PDF- Click Here

2/10/2021 Lesson 2- Click Here                   Lesson 2 PDF- Click Here

2/17/2021 Lesson 3- Click Here                   Lesson 3 PDF- Click Here

2/24/2021 Lesson 4- Click Here                   Lesson 4 PDF- Click Here

3/3/2021   Lesson 5- Click Here                   Lesson 5 PDF- Click Here 

3/10/2021 Lesson 6- Click Here                   Lesson 6 PDF- Click Here

3/17/2021 Lesson 7- Click Here                   Lesson 7 PDF- Click Here

3/24/2021 Lesson 8- Click Here                   Lesson 8 PDF- Click Here 

        4/7/2021 Lesson 9- Click Here                     Lesson 9 PDF- Click Here


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Join us for a 12 week practical, thoughtful study on the book of Philippians. One of the beloved Pauline epistles, this book is beautiful, timeless, and relevant to the current challenges we face.  In this study, we will examine the book of Philippians in depth, working our way through the entire letter, so that we form a deep understanding of what God wanted to communicate through Paul and can apply these timeless truths to our daily life.     

A video will be posted each Friday and the study will be taught by leaders in the church and guest teachers. We encourage you to set aside some time to contemplate the content we cover each week.
If  you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Ali.
        2/5/2021   Lesson 1- Click Here
        2/12/2021 Lesson 2- Click Here
        2/19/2021 Lesson 3- Click Here
        2/26/2021 Lesson 4- Click Here
        3/5/2021   Lesson 5- Click Here
        3/12/2021 Lesson 6- Click Here
        3/19/2021 Lesson 7- Click Here
        3/26/2021 Lesson 8- Click Here
        4/2/2021   Lesson 9- Click Here
        4/9/2021  Lesson 10-Click Here