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A face mask will be required for in-person service and there will be no Sunday school classes until further notice. An outdoor seating area will be available in our courtyard to listen to service taking place inside. You can watch the service live off our Facebook page by clicking here. Or click on the message below for a recording of the sermon.

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The Story Chapter 6-Wandering

February 23, 2020 Speaker: Jon Yenter Series: The Story

Topic: God Scripture: Numbers 10–27, Deuteronomy 1–34

Leading Israel was like herding cats. Moses had over 3 million kids on a road trip who were complaining and asking “Are we there yet?” The hard thing about road trips with little kids is their fussing, fighting, and endless questioning. Another hard thing about road trips is taking a wrong turn and getting off the way to the destination. Every road trip includes a destination as well as the trip itself across the terrain. Thankfully we have GPS today—global positioning satellite—to help us as we travel. In The Story, we come to the wanderings of Israel as Moses leads them toward the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey.

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