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The Story Chapter 13 The King who had it all

May 3, 2020 Speaker: Ali Tonnesen Series: The Story

The mission of Israel was to point other nations, all peoples, to God. God wants all people to come back to him. God gave Israel a land and God allowed them to have kings. The first king was Saul who failed to represent God. God then chose David as king. David did represent God well, and even though he sinned grievously, he repented and captured the heart of a gracious God who is available to everyone. In 1 Kings 1 David is old and dying and passes the leadership baton to Solomon.

No one wakes up and says, “I’d like to wreck my life and ruin all my relationships.” These things happen slowly. If the wisest man failed, then what about us?
To Christians:
1. Live to point others to Christ. That is our mission.
2. How we live matters and will influence others.
3. Stay out of lukewarm waters. How?
--pray to finish strong
--ask God for wisdom
--invite accountability
To non-Christians:
1. Before you end your life, trust Christ as your Savior. Stay out of hot water.
2. Jesus is the ultimate finisher. He declared from the cross, “It is finished!”
3. Trust in Christ today

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